Welding Clothing Protekt Leather/Cotton 100% NAD/US/T

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Clothing for the welder (sweatshirt with snaps + bib pants)

Flame retardant fabric Protect 100% cotton

PN-EN 11611: 2015 (U)

PN-EN 11612: 2015 (U)


The clothing is made of split cowhide impregnated with non-flammable or grain leather and is intended for welding works or similar type and level of danger, eg flame cutting, grinding. It can be used throughout the year in enclosed spaces, and in the open space in the summer.

Protects against small splashes of molten metal, does not ignite after accidental, short-term contact with the flame. It also protects against mechanical factors.

 Please specify height, waist circumference and chest circumference in a separate message.

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