Occupational Boots PPO Strzelce Opolskie 305 01

VAT included

Model 305
PN-EN ISO 20347, O1, FO, SRC

Series: PU/PU men's footwear
Construction: Boots occupational antistatic
Type: men's footwear
Sole: PU/PU
Toe Cap: without toe cap

Footwear profile and its usage advantages

  • uppers made from natural leather with insert of the breathable Cordura® material, produced under the license of DuPont. This material has very good hygienic properties, is durable and resistant to tearing. It has a thermo active membrane, which is water and windproof, at the same time releasing the sweat outside
  • top area of the upper finished with a foot friendly safety collar, filled with latex foam
  • vamp lining - Ibiline fibres, quarter lining Super Royal® fibres, made from materials with a high water vapor permeability, effectively moisture-wicking
  • very good hygienic properties
  • half bellow tongue made from natural leather
  • dynamic sole made from two-layer polyurethane PU/PU. The external layer (in contact area with the bottom) is solid polyurethane resistant to abrasion, cutting and cracking. The inner layer is made from foamed polyurethane and makes the footwear lightweight, flexible and effectively softens the unevenness of the surface
  • self-cleaning tread
  • sole resistant to oils, petrol and other organic solvents and temperature up to 180°C in contact of short duration
  • perfectly protecting before slipping
  • absorption of energy in the heel area
  • it protects the heel and the specially shaped heel is protecting the foot additionally from twisting
  • durable and robust
  • waterproof from the bottom
  • without toe cap
  • antistatic
  • lightweight, flexible
  • high hygroscopic inlay sole
  • produced according to French shoe numbering system in sizes from 39 to 48
  • fitting - H ½
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