Non-Slip Adhesive Tape Aspro 50mm/10m Yellow-Black

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Non-Slip Adhesive Tape Aspro 50mm/10m Yellow-Black

The thickness of the tape along with the embankment is 0.75mm,

  • The tape is made of abrasion-resistant materials of high strength, with a very high coefficient of friction (non-slip).

  • The tape under its entire surface has a self-adhesive tape - it ensures the certainty and ease of connection with the surface, there is no need for additional edge gluing (the ASPRO tape sticks with its entire surface).

  • While maintaining the necessary assembly conditions, the tape can be used inside and outside buildings.


ASPRO tapes are used for slippery stairs and floors, surfaces such as:

  • production halls, driveways, platforms, ramps, warehouses, offices, shops, schools, kindergartens, offices, swimming pools, ships, yachts, truck platforms, building accessories, eg ladders, and all other places where there is a danger of slipping and falling.


In order for the tape to meet its properties and anti-slip parameters during use, the surface before (and at) assembly should be properly prepared (necessary conditions for the proper functioning of ASPRO):

  • clean surface - remove all loose residues (filings, sand, other impurities)
  • dry surface (it is necessary to degrease the surface using a solvent and then wait until it is completely dry, do not stick on a wet surface)
  • smooth surface (on primer surfaces, priming is recommended, surfaces with structure - not smooth - will weaken the adhesion of the tape and will not fulfill its function)
  • surface temperature must be above 10 ° C (applies to the surface on which the tape is to be glued - note - the air temperature is not the surface temperature).
  • it is not recommended to glue the tape on joints, joints, joints, cracks, moving places, etc. (the tape loses its grip and does not fulfill its function).

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