Welding, Flame-Retardant Trousers Proban 460

VAT included

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Delivery time:

- up to 7 business days if the selected size is in stock up to 30 working days when the size is not available


Composition 100% Cotton with slow-burning finish

Weight 460 g / m²

Grey colour

Available sizes: 44 - 66, 94 - 110


EN ISO 11612 (A1, B1, C2, E3, F1) Protective clothing - Protective clothing against factors

hot and flame

EN ISO 11611 Class 2 - A1 Protective clothing for use during welding and in related processes.

Size chart in the pictures tab:

The dimensions in centimeters given in the table are not dimensions of clothes but of the body.

Do not add an extra cm to the dimensions obtained, because it is already included in the cut of clothing.

The clothing has working stocks, the sweatshirt is about 20 cm wider in the cage, and the pants and dungarees are about 6 cm wider in the waist than the size of the body.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask !

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