Pink Cleaning Dust Glove Raypath

VAT included

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We use the pink glove only for dry clean. It is used to wipe and remove dust from rooms and polishing cleaned surfaces. Even if the cleaned surface is matte, it is worth to do an anti-static coating on it, then it is much slower than normal. We can also clean dogs and cats. It is best to shake the dusty glove and wash it occasionally.


It is used to wipe dust from all surfaces, while preventing the effect of electrostatic attraction of dust. Designed to remove dust from books, shelves, all equipment - also electronic - and home appliances, etc., plant leaves and furniture polishing, leather upholstery, metal objects.


Shake the dust off the  glove and wash it by hand with a gray soap or in a washing machine, at a temperature of up to 60 ° C, without softeners. After washing, hang to dry.

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