White Glove For Wet Clean Raypath

VAT included

On Special Order!

On Special Order

Wet twisted glove to clean all surfaces that tolerate water well, ie after contact with it, the color, shape, etc. have not changed. Wipe the surfaces with a sunbeam, collecting residual water and dirt. We can clean her animals.


Soak in water and squeeze lightly.


Overloading the surface, spreading the dirt into particles, producing water and emission, which you then remove with the Sunbeam cleaner.

Designed for various objects and surfaces as:

- kitchen and bathroom appliances (eg cooker, fridge, range, sink, fittings, bathtub, tiles), glass and plastic items, various items, metal, rubber, upholstered and carpet surfaces, waterproof wallpapers and walls with a waterproof surface car, animal fruit, hard fruit, potted plant leaves.


Hand wash with soap or in a washing machine at a temperature of up to 60 ° C, without softeners. After washing, hang to dry.

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