Filtering Half Mask With Valve Zgoda Zf 0/19z

VAT included




ZF 0/19 filter respirator with FFP1 NR D with exhalation valve - used to protect the respiratory system against aerosols of solid and liquid particles, provided that the concentration of the dispersed phase in the aerosol does not exceed the concentration of 4 times the maximum allowable concentration of NDS.

Half-masks ZF 0/19 with FFP1 NR D are canning half-masks, disposable, intended for one working shift (max. 8 hours). Do not use them when the oxygen concentration in the air is less than 17%.

The half-masks of our production are an antistatic product - they can be used in an explosion hazard zone.



Most often used in agricultural and food industry, quarries, cement plants, in construction, when processing soft (softwood) wood and in particular for dusts and fumes of substances such as: calcium carbonate, graphite, gypsum, chalk, cement, plaster, marble, zinc oxide, plant pollen, cellulose, sulfur, cotton, filings of ferrous metals, coal dust - up to 4 x NDS.



ZF 0 / 19fz filter respirator with FFP1 NR D consists of:

a dish - made of multilayer filtering fabric,

two headbands,


nasal sealer,

Exhalation valve.



The half-masks of our production are in accordance with the European standard EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009. All our half-masks have the assessment of the Institute of Occupational Medicine that the used raw materials for the production of half-masks do not have an irritating effect on the skin and do not adversely affect the user's health under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use.


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