Półbuty Gumowe Elektroizolacyjne Klasa 20KV

VAT included

Rubber electro-insulating overshoes 
Class 20 kV

Certified by CIOP-PIB Central Institute for LabourProtection – 
National Research Institute
Notified Body no. 1437
16 Czerniakowska Str.,00-701 Warsaw, Poland
WE no. WE/S/1851/2012 of 02.02.2012

Rubber electro-insolating overshoes DIELEKTRYK ART.03 are designed for work with voltage exceeding 1kV of alternating current as an additional Personal Protective Equipment. Shoes are made of special rubber compound with electro-insulating properties by forming and vulcanization in moulds method. Upper is finished with 50 mm wide rubber cuff turned on the outside. Shoes are to be worn over other inner footwear (safe, protective, occupational one).

Parametres of overshoes DIELEKTRYK ART.03:

  • voltage range 20kV (resistance to electric breakdown at test voltage of 20kV)

  • leakage current at test voltage ≤ 10.0 mA

  • resistance to electric breakdown at test voltage of electric strength of 30 kV

  • construction - model C

Overshoes are available in the following sizes according to the producer’s numeration: 
322 (fitting inner footwear size: 37/38 ) – 300 mm inside boot, 
330 (fitting inner footwear size: 39/40 ) – 310 mm inside boot, 
337 (fitting inner footwear size: 41/42 ) – 320 mm inside boot, 
345 (fitting inner footwear size: 43/44 ) – 330 mm inside boot.

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