Flame Resistant Protective Over Coat Solar 3000

VAT included
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FB30 - 3000 Over-Coat

Collection: Structural Fire Suits

Range: Flame Resistant

Shell Fabric: Nomex®/ Lenzing® FR Viscose 260g

Lining Fabric: Moisture Barrier: FR Knitted fabric with PU membrane, 85gThermal Layer: FR nonwovenInner Thermal Layer: FR Aramid Viscose, 260g

Product information

The FB30 Over-coat is constructed using a Nomex® / Lenzing® FR Viscose outer shell fabric. Features include a quick release front zip, lower front pockets with press stud for holding gloves and knitted cuffs with thumb loops to hold sleeves in place. 

Structural Fire Suits

The Solar Fire Suits can endure high levels of heat for brief periods of time without themselves combusting and burning and therefore minimises body burn percentage when exposed to heat and flames. The Solar Structural Fire Suits have three components: an outer shell, a moisture barrier, and a thermal barrier, all serving a different function. The outer layer protects against flame injury and burns caused by conductive heat. The moisture barrier protects against water penetration and allows internal moisture vapour to escape. It is imperative that the layers are kept dry to avoid the transfer of heat in a convective manner from the outer layer through the layers to the skin. The inner thermal barrier and lining offers protection against heat from proximity to flame. In between each of these layers are pockets of air and together with the fabric layers, they help to further insulate the wearer from the extreme environments of fires

Flame Resistant

This industry leading flame resistant range provides multi standard protection for hazardous environments. These state of the art products are the result of years of experience combined with advanced technology and market research. Commitment to the health, safety and comfort of the wearer can be seen in the wide range of products suitable for all climates and end uses.


● CE certified

● Quick release zip for instant access

● Throat tab on front neck

● Radio pocket designed to fit all sizes

● Anti-wicking strip at hem

● Hook and loop cuffs for a secure fit

● Inner ribbed cuffs for warmth and comfort

● Flame resistant industrial wash tape

● Knitted cuffs with thumb loops