Safety Boots For Woodcutter Galmag 02

VAT included

Chainsaw Safety Boots

In accordance with:

EN ISO 20345:2004/A1:2007 SB, E, SRA
EN ISO 17249:2004 KLASA 2

Certified by SETRA Technology Centre Wyndham Way, 
Telford Way, Kettering,
Nordhamptonshire, NN 16 8SD United Kingdom,
Notified Body no. 0321WE no. 3656 of 25.06.2010

Boots are designed for chain saw workers as a personal protective equipment. Resistance for Chainsaw cutting – level 2 (Chain speed 24m/s). Special used textil material reduces risk of personal injury caused by sawing. In addition it protects by water, moisture and compression. Boots are manufactured using both natural and synthetic materials. Lining material is made from cotton and poliester. Boots have steel toe cap. Impact resistance: 200 joule Compression resistance: 15000 Newton

In addition boots have:

  • energy absorption of heel tested in 20 joules
  • SRA Slip resistance on ceramic tile floor with Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
  • sack to protect against small falling objects
  • interlining material for hitting resistance

Size range: 40 - 48 EUR
weight: 3,3 kg
height: 38 cm

Colour: black and orange

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