Dielectrick Mat Art 30 Electro-insulating Rubber Walkway

VAT included

DIELECTRICK MAT ART 30 / A Electro-insulating rubber mat walkway Class 2C

It has a certificate No. 3/2016 of August 11, 2016 issued by CIOP-PIB Central Institute for Labor Protection -

The State Research Institute ul.Czerniakowska 16, 00-701 Warsaw

Electric curtain DIELECTRICK MAT ART. 30 / A Class 2C is intended for use in rooms for electrical traffic with electrical devices with an operating voltage up to 17 kV of alternating voltage or up to 25.5 kV of direct voltage, in the ambient temperature range from -40 ºC to +55 ºC. The pavement is used as an additional electro-insulating protective equipment in order to reduce the risk of electric shock in situations of possible flow of shock current through human feet. The DIELEKTRYK MAT pavement is delivered in the form of panels with the dimensions 750 mm x 750 mm. The pavement should only be used for protection against electric shock. Other use causes the loss of its insulating properties.

Electric curtain DIELECTRICK MAT ART. 30 / A Class 2C is a collective protection measure that meets the requirements of the standard PN-EN 61111: 2009 "Live works - Electroinsulation walkways".

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