Rubber Fishing Suit Galmag 21

VAT included

ART. 21 FISHING PRO Rubber, fishing suit

In accordance with:

Directive No. 89/686 / EEC

Rubber suit, fishing FISHING PRO art. 21 is designed for working in the open space in the presence of water and moisture, for example for anglers, fishermen, sewage workers, etc.

The suit is made of rubber and a textile material that forms a lining. It consists of rubber boots to the knees and trousers made of rubber fabric made by hand (handmade) and vulcanization in the kolhet, which guarantees very long-lasting connection of the components of this product. Adjustable suspenders in green color are attached to the trousers. The lining in the middle of the shoe is made of cotton fabric which guarantees high wiping resistance and hygroscopic properties inside the shoes. Soles and heels have a profiled anti-slip protector. In addition, the suit has a zipped pocket at the front which is an integral part of the product. The construction of the product is 100% watertight, green.


The wetsuit should be cleaned with soap and water using a soft sponge or cloth. In the case of dampness of the inner upper, dry in a ventilated area away from heating devices. After each use, the suit should be stored hanging: for suspenders or shoes up in a position that does not cause any kinks on the rubber.

sizes: 39 - 47 French number

Weight: about 4.0 kg

Height: about 150 cm

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