Chemical Protective Googles 3M 2890SA

VAT included

3M 2890SA Safety Goggles

  • Chemical Optical class lenses 1.
  • Suitable for long-term, convenient use.
  • The sealed design helps ensure protection against liquids, dust, gases and vapors.
  • Acetate lenses provide excellent resistance against chemical substances.
  • The special coating reduces evaporation and provides a good field of view.
  • The protective coating protects against dangerous UV radiation of a certain intensity.

3M ™ 2890SA safety goggles are a modern, lightweight design for comfort. Sealed safety goggles with acetate lenses.

Modern lightweight safety goggles. Equipped with acetate lenses that perfectly protect against chemicals and an additional coating protects against evaporation and dangerous UV radiation at a certain intensity. The goggles are sealed, and because the lenses belong to the first-class optical class, you can use them for a long time without feeling tired. Ideally suited for both laboratories and other rooms with a high degree of sterility, as well as for use on construction sites.

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