Powder Fire Extinguisher BX-GP-1ABC 1KG

VAT included

Designed specifically for the protection of passenger cars, motor and sailing boats, caravans

▪ Easy and ergonomic to use.

▪ Quick and effective in extinguishing.

▪ Economical in maintenance and servicing.

▪ The shut-off valve behind the pressure indicator makes it easier to check the extinguisher.

▪ The design of the valve allows for temporary interruption of extinguishing.

▪ The extinguisher tank is not subject to UDT control tests.

▪ Possibility of multiple filling.

▪ Extinguisher tank covered with UV-resistant polyester paint.


The powder extinguisher with small capacities is particularly recommended as fire protection for passenger cars, motorboats and caravans due to its extinguishing properties. It is intended for fighting fires from ABC groups (solids, liquids, gases)

ParametersTechnical Data
extinguishing efficiency 8A 34B C
extinguishing agent mass  1 kg
Total Weight 0k. 1,9 kg
Type of extinguishing agent Proszek gaśniczy DELEI FIRE ABC
Operating time min. 6 s
Working pressure 16 bar w temp. 20°C
Temperature range of use -30°C +60°C
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