Textile Shock Absorber Assecuro CE 201R GG

VAT included

The shock absorber is made of a specially woven two-layer tape and an outer tape terminated with two-sided retaining loops. Combined in the weaving process, both layers of the damping tape constitute a shock absorbing element - absorbing the energy of the fall by tearing the thread connecting the two tapes. A regulated safety rope is connected to one loop permanently. The safety buckle on the safety lanyard allows adjusting its length to the user's needs. The product complies with PN-EN 354 and PN-EN 355


The textile shock absorber is part of the fall arrest system belonging to personal protection systems. It is an element that absorbs energy and guarantees safe stopping of falling from height. It is an indispensable component of the fall protection system from a height consisting of: safety harness, shock absorber, connecting and anchoring elements. Textile shock absorber fully protects against excessive overloads of the human body when falling and reduces load to a value of <6.0 kN.

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