Safety Welding Boots PPO Strzelce Opolskie 443 S3

VAT included

Model 443
PN-EN ISO 20349, S3, WG, HRO, SRC

Series: PU/Rubber men's footwear
Construction: Boots safety antistatic
Type: men's footwear
Sole: PU/Rubber
Toe Cap: metallic

Footwear profile and its usage advantages

  • uppers made from embossed full-grain leather with heat-resistant rendering
  • uppers resistant of impact of small splashes of molten metal
  • top area of the upper finished with a foot friendly leather safety collar, filled with latex foam
  • vamp lining - Ibiline fibres, quarter lining Super Royal® fibres, made from materials with a high water vapor permeability, effectively moisture-wicking
  • very good hygienic properties
  • shape of the upper makes it impossible for sparks and splashes of molten metallic getting inside the footwear
  • safety clasp enables a fast spanning of the spanning belt and removing of the footwear
  • components of the upper are connected with kevlar strands with high thermal and mechanical resistance
  • equipped with a inner metallic toe cap, effectively protecting the foot before hitting with an energy of 200J, the upcast of the toe cap effectively softened by a polyurethane foam, so the toe cap is undetected
  • with a metallic antipenetration insole protecting before penetration from the bottom with a strength to 1100N
  • two layer sole PU/Rubber resistant to oils, petrol and other organic solvents, in contact area with the bottom - rubber layer, with high resistance to abrasion and cutting and diluted solutions of acids and bases (30% H2SO4 and 20% NaOH) and to temperature up to 300°C in contact of short duration. The inner layer of foamed polyurethane makes the footwear lightweight, flexible and effectively softens the unevenness of the surface
  • assembling system - direct injection of polyurethane on a rubber layer ensures the reliability of the fusion of the sole with the upper
  • perfectly protecting before slipping in the SRC class
  • absorption of energy in the heel area
  • durable and robust, recommended for hard working conditions
  • waterproof from the bottom
  • antistatic
  • cold-insulating even in -25°C temperature
  • high hygroscopic inlay sole
  • produced according to French shoe numbering system in sizes from 39 to 48
  • fitting - H ½
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