Safety Low Shoes PPO Strzelce Opolskie 704 S1 SRC

VAT included

Model 704
PN-EN ISO 20345, S1, SRC

Series: PU/TPU men's footwear with composite toe cap
Construction: Low shoes safety antistatic
Type: men's footwear
Sole: PU/TPU
Toe Cap: composite

Footwear profile and its usage advantages

  • uppers made from nubuck and velour leather with a high permeability factor of steam, 15 times higher than the requirements of the norm
  • lining made from Super Royal® fibres giving a feeling of dryness and comfort
  • tongue made from velour softly filled with latex foam
  • sole made from polyurethane and thermoplastic polyurethane PU/TPU with Shockabsorber system. tread made from solid transparent thermoplastic polyurethane, midsole made from foamed cellular polyurethane resistant to oils, petrol and other organic solvents
  • resistant to temperature up to 120°C in contact of short duration
  • the design of the soles protects the leather in the front part of the footwear
  • it does not mark the surface
  • very good anti-slipping properties – SRC class
  • excellent flexibility and elasticity also at low temperatures
  • lightweight, durable and robust, effectively softens the unevenness of the surface
  • resistant to abrasion, cutting and cracking, protects against the deepening of cracks resulting from mechanical damages of the sole
  • absorption of energy in the heel area
  • excellent heel protection and the specially shaped heel is protecting the foot additionally from twisting
  • durable and robust, waterproof from the bottom
  • with perforated AirTec® composite toe cap protecting before hitting with an energy of 200J, equipped with special vents that enable the foot a natural rate of breathability
  • excellent ventilation and hygienic properties
  • equipped with a soft, comfortable and toe-skin-friendly, hygroscopic inlay soles with an active carbon filter with anti-bacterial, antiperspirant and antifungal properties, what provides the foot a neutral smell and a feeling of dryness and pleasant coolness. The inlay sole can be repeatedly washed
  • antistatic
  • non magnetic and metal-free
  • produced according to French shoe numbering system in sizes from 39 to 47
  • fitting - H ½
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